Matthew Stridiron's Digital Portfolio

Welcome to my digital portfolio. The items below describe the schools I have attended. In addition to my personal experiences, these schools have helped me gain the technical and professional skills that are usable in a job. These skills are evident as you look through this portfolio. If you wish to contact me, please do so at or at my Twitter account @MattStridiron.

I am currently a senior at Newburgh Free Academy and am part of the P-TECH program. In addition to taking AP and honors courses here, I have also attended SUNY courses at NFA and several after school clubs. These include: Math Team (2014-2018), Student Tech Team (2017-2018), Astronomy Club (2016-2017), Varsity Cross Country (2017-2018), the Mock Trial (2017-2018), and the National Science Honors Society (2017-2018). I am expected to graduate in 2019 with a high school diploma and math degree from North, as well as a cyber security degree from SUNY Orange.

Newburgh Free Academy P-TECH is based within NFA. P-TECH is a separate program from the rest of the school that allows high school students to earn either an Associates Degree in either networking or cybersecurity. Most of these courses are taken at SUNY Orange, where students are taught real-world skills used in the workforce. Because I am a P-TECH student, I consequently have a larger workload than traditional high school students. I attend summer programs and work until midnight on homework daily. Despite these things, I have a limited break. Yet I have perservered, and I'm still making fantastic memories at high school.

As part of the P-TECH program, I have taken networking and cyber security courses at SUNY Orange since 2017. Although I only have an hour of leisure time on most days, I have extended this break time by completing much of my work early, but also diligently and accurately. With this free time, I have explored SUNY's programs. I've visited the campus' math and writing labs to obtain assistance in my classes (especially in Freshman English), and I've even joined a Super Smash Bros. Club during the fall semester and got to meet non-PTECH students.